My Testimony

Hannah Soles


My Testimony of Salvation


I accepted Jesus as my Savior October 21, 2001. I was six-years-old. My older sister and brother had both accepted Jesus before I did. I watched them get baptized. I saw that my parents were very happy about this. I really didn’t understand the concept of salvation yet, but I wanted the attention that they were getting. For a while I kept asking how I can be saved, and I guess my family knew I wasn’t ready yet. Eventually, after many Sunday School lessons, I learned not only how to get saved, but what it really was. So one night I sat by my night light, everyone else was asleep except for my mom and dad, I prayed and asked God to forgive me and to come into my heart. After that prayer, I was so excited I couldn’t wait till morning to tell my mom and dad. So I ran and told my mom, then I ran and told my dad. They were both happy for me. For about a year they went through devotionals with me so that I got a deeper understanding of salvation and baptism. I was baptized at my home church on October 5th, 2003. Although when I was younger I still had a lot to learn about Jesus, I have learned much more through the years.

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