What was it like for Jesus as he went through the ordeal of His Passion? When I look at the accounts from scripture I see times that He looked on someone. What could He have been thinking?

He looked on the judges at the mock trials. He had to be emotionally drained and frustrated because here in these trials was the unbelieving world. A world that had seen the miracles, heard His words, and been given opportunity to accept His offer of salvation through His grace. And all they could understand was that they wanted no part of Him. One of his judges wanted only to be entertained. Jesus might have been thinking….the only thing left to do is to go forward with his Father’s plan even though He knew it would have little effect on these people.

He looked on Peter as he vehemently denied knowing anything about Jesus. His eyes locking with Peter’s as Jesus’ heart sank. He, knowing that Peter was reaching a point where he would be rung out and emptied might have felt pity and love together. Christ knew that Peter would never be the man to “feed his sheep” without coming to the end of relying on his own power and strength.

Last, but certainly not least, was as He looked on the thief hanging beside Him. Christ might have thought here is the one sheep that the Good Shepherd left the ninety-nine to go and find. Here was each of us, as we come to an end of ourselves. We finally realize that we are nothing and God’s grace is everything.

With Easter Sunday coming in a few days, I want to ask anyone reading this to look into Christ’s face. Do you see someone you do not, or will not accept without some “proof”? Do you see a god, small “g”, that can handle some situations, but not anything too big? Do you see yourself at the bottom of the deepest well with no way out except Christ reaches down with His nail scarred hand and pulls you out?

All three questions have really one answer and that is “I AM”!
Thank you and have a blessed Easter.


– Written by Rob Osborne

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