Life’s Storm

You know that feeling. Most people do. When life just seems to be spiraling out of control. I’ve known that feeling too well lately, and here are some observations.


1. Whatever I made my life is what’s spinning out of control – Usually your life seems to be spiraling out of control because of what you made to be your number one focus is spiraling out of control. It could be friends, co-workers, or even family.

2. I can’t find a foundation to hold on to. – The wind is blowing and you’ve lost hold of what you were focusing on. Everything you try and grab is out of reach.

3. I have lost all hope, all that’s left is pain and rubble. – Everyone and everything has failed. You are left in a pit of doom without a hope of getting out.


Amidst all that gloom and despair, one small voice called out to me. I’ve spoken to Him many a time, asked Him to send me people in my life to help me. I’ve asked Him for answers that I never took the time to look for. You see, when you are in darkness God’s light shines brightest. Like many times before I asked Him who I could turn to, and instead of moving on to my storm I reached out for Him. He sent me someone every time I asked, I was just too blind to see that the person He sent was Himself! He wants to be my focus, He wants to be my foundation, He wants to lift me out of my despair. I cried out in my heart to Him, but He was so close I could have just whispered.


Psalm 141:1 – Lord, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee.

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