Jonathan M. Osborne

In memory of Jonathan M. Osborne. 10-2-12

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice . Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. ***There is a time of mourning then if Christ abides in our hearts there is joy. Today my family puts to rest our son and brother. There is the mourning. The joy comes from our relationship with Christ. God’s presence was felt last night through His people coming along side of us and loving us through this time. I pray that comfort and peace comes to all that knew Jonathan and know his family. Again, if you cannot find that peace, seek out someone now to help you understand what a relationship with Christ will do in your life.

Love in Christ, Robbie Osborne (10/5/2012)



Jonathan was always creating.  Whether it was his art or building a house out of stuff found around the cabin on vacation.  He would spend hours working on his newest creation, then refining it to be exactly what he pictured in his mind.  He would then share with others what he had done.  So many times I was truly amazed at what he came up with.  His artistic creations were what he had in his mind and heart.  His gift, was to share his heart with others through art.  This is our son who we love and will see again.


Today we lay Jonathan’s body to rest, but God laid his mind to rest on Tuesday as he went home to Heaven.  He no longer struggles with a darkness called depression.  He has found the peace he has long searched for.  I remember the first time I saw him in his pre-school as he smiled so big.  I’ll never forget the happy little boy he was and the great smile he had.  He really enjoyed two things: cars and art.  At the time I drove a black mustang and he said “my mom drives a cool black car”.  That was what caught his eye that day as his smile captured my heart.  Jonathan was a great artist and blessed so many of us with beautiful pieces of his art.  I hope you all enjoy the peace you got today and remember the joy he received from being able to share his talent with others.  And today that beautiful smile of his has returned and is shining brightly in heaven.


Me and my brother Jonathan had so many memories made together.  I love him.  I have so many that are flowing through my head right now, but I’ll say as many as I can think of.  One of my memories I had with him was when we were little, Chanah, me and Evelin would get to the cabin my grandparents owned.  It was cold somedays and sometimes it felt good.  I remember we’d always go up together and start building a little house with sticks, and with whatever we found.  And boy, did Jonathan know how to be creative.  He’d mostly do all the work.  He’d have rugs on the ground for us to sit on.  Oh good times… then whenever our little house got messed up at anytime he’d be the first one to be out there repairing any damages to the house.  I remember Jonathan would go to my room (the house we had in Long Branch) and I would be doing stuff in my room and he’d go in sit on a chair and start drawing.  I went over to him and asked him why he was in my room drawing … he looked at me and said, I’m drawing your room, so just in case you ever want to change the look of your room; I got ideas and yes he could draw.  He had great talent.  Jonathan would draw my name in different name styles.  I still have all the drawings he had drawn for me.  Oh and when we played soccer outside he could play really good.  When we were young Jonathan, Chanah, Evelin and me would play soccer outside in our backyard of the Fate house we used to live in.  I have memory of him; I have this ring … its very special to me … I wore it a lot of times when Jonathan was at Fairfield.  I remember him, Evelin and Mom and Dad goin to Canton that day.  They would usually give us some money to spend well I’m a girl, I did spend all of my money.  Ha, but I remember me, jonathan and Evelin looking at these rings.  We were picking them up and trying them on.  And there was this one ring I saw and at the sight I loved it!  I knew I didn’t’ have any money left.  “Great” I said and walked away.  I remember asking jonathan over and over again doesn’t it look pretty????  He said yeah its shiny.  Well I had walked away, then came back and he had the ring in his hand I looked at him and said Jonathan you got it? He looked at me and said yeah its for you.  Oh boy, was I happy!  I gave him a hug then thanked him over and over again.  Then I went over and told my parents “look what Jonathan bought me”.  I wear that ring everyday, and think of him.. because it was for me.  If I was in jonathan’s shoes at the time, I wouldn’t have bought the ring, I would have been like “tough luck girl, you spent all your money”.  Ha.  I remember Jonathan in my room one day and out of nowhere I asked if I could put mascara on him.  He was like “no” and looked at me funny.  I begged him over and over again then he said fine but I’m going to do it!  Awesome I said.  We went upstairs in his room and I watched as he put the mascara on.  Ohh it was funny! He struggled to put it on then he poked himself in the eye.  Oh me and him were laughting.  Then I said lets put this on I had lipgloss in my hand.  Jonathan said “woah, how do you put his on?”  I showed him and then he put it on and then said “ewww it taste weird”  I busted out laughing and said “no Jonathan, you’re not supposed to lick your lips!”  and then he was like ewww how do ya’ll girls like this stuff its so sticky”  and he kept smacking his lips together.  Oh goodtimes.  I remember the same day my mom had come home from work and we went downstairs to my room and I told him to try on one of my shirts and he did it was one of my tight fitted ones and he squeezed into it then started posing all these girly styles then suddenly my mom had called him to the kitchen for me and him to eat, then he started freaking out and told me to help him take it off, I looked at him and grinned and left Jonathan said Nooo Brianna!  I came back in laughing then he put his arms up and I tugged on my shirt really hard and he and me kept laughing then I told him to pull backwards and he stepped backwards and me or him didn’t know I had a sock laying right behind him now my floor was cement and very slick with socks on so he took a step back and fell with a big thud.  Ohhh it was funny me and him laughed and I looked back and I had my shirt in my hands then we went to the kitchen giggling.  I remember Jonathan favorite food was potatoes.  Whooo that boy could eat tons of French fries.  Oh he loved it and then he got the nickname of a couch potatoe.  Ha ha funny … so yeah I have many more memories, but ha that would go on for days!


One Saturday everyone was gone except Brianna, Jonathan and me.  Me and Brianna were watching a movie and Jonathan told Brianna he wanted to drive Chanah’s truck and all of a sudden she hears a loud rumbling of the truck and sees him driving fast up and down the drive way and Brianna was just laughing the whole time.


From playing imaginary creatures and cars to putting plastic spiders in my hair that was my little brother.  We grew up and I saw him become a little man taking a girl to a middle school dance and getting a big smile when he saw me in the halls in high school.  I have peace that one day we’ll be playing cars and creatures again.


I remember when Jonathan first came into our family. I think I was as unsure about him as he was about me, but he had the cutest big brown eyes and when he laughed it was contagious. I also quickly learned that he could eat like a horse. I think he had developed the skill of inhaling his food. I had barely gotten three bites into mine and his would be gone. When he got to be a teenager he became too cool for a lot of things, like hugging his big sis. But I knew that when I came home for the weekend he’d be there to show me his art. He got all excited and held so much pride for all of his work. I loved those moments because he was no longer hanging on to all the cool, and I got to see the little boy that I first met.


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