Kill My “Self”

Kill my “self”!
That is what I have to do. It is the only thing that makes sense. And, God will understand. Why? Because that is what He wantsme to do. He tells me that in His very word, Put your “self” on the cross and end it. So it will be okay, won’t it?

A really scary prospect isn’t it. Putting all that makes you what you are to death. That is what the world wants you to believe. Deny your self, why, you are successful, satisfied with life, have it all together, no need to rely on anyone but your self. We get convinced of all these things pretty easy. It has been that way since time began.

It won’t be easy to end my “self.” There will be a lot of doubt that it is the right thing to do. Seems like it is a selfish thing to do because so many people will be “hurt” by it. They will not understand that is was for the best. That out of the tragedy of this all will come something good.

Father, I come to you humbly, with no power or strength of my own. I come, knowing that putting and end to my “self” will be excruciatingly painful, yet it is what you want from me. Help me, as only one that has gone before me could, to give it all up, to follow the will of the Father. Amen.

What happens when I give up my “self”? A new person comes to life. A person that is filled with the very life and spirit of Christ. The One who died for me will take over and begin a transformation in me that will make me more like Him each day until, in eternity, I am made perfect as I stand before God.

I really do want to kill my “self”.

– Written by Rob Osborne

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