Sisters for LIFE!

My sister and I wrote this blog post together about being sisters:


Having a sister can make life very exciting. And by exciting we mean a mixture of “Man, this is a fun time!” and “How can you not simply follow my driving directions?!” But no matter what, you have someone who is more willing to listen to your joys and struggles than others. But that does take some work to have a relationship like that. It helps to spend time with each other, even if you’re not particularly interested in what you’re doing.

“Like letting your sister put makeup on your face.” – Skyla Instasize_0918200940

“Or listening to your sister go on about boring theories.” – Hannah20150802_082541

It can be a lot of tears, yelling, and silent treatments. But it does come with much more joy, laughter, and closeness.

“In our situation, we’re forced together. She’s both my ride to places and we share a room.” – Hannah

“…with a nightlight that I don’t particularly care for.” – Skyla

If you work on your relationship with your sister you can have a friend instead of an enemy. Someone who is ready to “beat up” anyone who dares to hurt you physically or emotionally. Being sisters means telling each other what they don’t want to hear but what they need to hear. But do it in a loving manner. Or it’s not going to work as well, if at all. But remember while they may not listen at first, they will probably, eventually tell you you’re right. But only if you are right.

Also be sure to keep God at the center of your relationship, for no relationship is complete or strong without God. Give each other godly advice, and pray for each other. Let God use your relationship for great things.

And remember, regardless of what you may think of us based on your outside perspective: We are not perfect sisters. But we do love each other very much, and that’s our “secret.”



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