What God Really Wants

What does God really want from us? You know He gave us His all in Jesus Christ, His Son, our Savior. So what could we have that He would want? Or that He does not already have? Well, let’s sit back and think what would be so valuable to God, the “I AM”.
He wants our time. Sure, that’s it. No…..He created time for our benefit and He is outside the concept of time. He wants our money and things. Nope, that is a laugh. He created everything, so what we consider valuable does not amount to much in God’s economy. Here it is, He wants our service! Sure…..we need to be busy doing things for Him. Yes that is important, but only with the right spirit leadership to direct the doing.
What He really wants does not make much sense to us. He gave so much for it and it really is torn and tattered from a lot of damage done by things we have been through. This little thing does not amount to much at all in the eyes of the world with its beliefs that everything should be easy and when it isn’t, dump your problems and run. And then there is the blackness, and the hardness that it develops over the years. Yeah, God is getting the bad end of the deal in the eyes of the world……trading for something in such terrible condition.
What He wants is our hearts. He wants us to freely choose to love Him with all of our heart. And the amazing thing is when we freely choose Christ, His sacrifice for our sins, all that torn, tattered, hardened and blackened mess called our heart becomes flesh again. He makes it new. Then He abides there to keep it safe, and through it, His grace and mercy and truth shines out for all to see.

– Written by Rob Osborne

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